1.  To begin, select "Connect Now" from the left-hand navigation or visit go.cop.com. You will need to use your UserID, Password and MFA to login to Global Office.
  2. Once you select the link, you will be presented with a Login Screen.
    • Network UserID – This is the UserID you use to login to your computer at the ConocoPhillips office.
    • Network Password - This is the Password you use to login to your computer at the ConocoPhillips office.
  3. Once you select Log On, your preferred MFA device will prompt you to authenticate. Global Office is compatible with many different devices using the Citrix Workspace. Please install the Workspace by following the instructions below or by visiting: https://www.citrix.com/products/receiver.html

 If you wish to use your personally owned tablet PC, you must first download the Citrix Workspace from your vendor. (Apple App Store, Android Market, Windows Marketplace).

If you do not have MFA set up, you will need to contact the ConocoPhillips ServiceDesk.

Installing a Client on your PC so that applications will launch

 The installation of a Citrix client will be required before applications can be used from Global Office. If you have a ConocoPhillips PC, a Citrix client should already be installed. DO NOT upgrade your company device using these instructions.

If you need to install a client on your non-ConocoPhillips computer, please log into the portal, select settings, and select the appropriate client from the available list. See help document for more detailed instructions.

Citrix Client Installation Help Document

If you have questions or need assistance installing the client, please call the service desk.